Weird Times

may you live in interesting times.

Deconstructing Mick Jagger

My challenge was to point out that you are treating this situation like an analyst which, while rational, is not necessarily practical.

The above quote is by a Patch reader who uses an alias. One does An image of Mick Jaggernot have to question why that is the case, but when did we come to this notion that analysis isn’t practical? Tell that to the D.E.A.

Seriously…I’d love an answer. When, exactly, did thinking, i.e., analysis, become “not necessarily practical”? Can you honestly think of a situation when analysis, or thought, isn’t needed? I’ll wait.

Jonathan Winters Dies at 87

Other than the way he made me laugh, the thing I liked most about Jonathan Winters was that he lived beyond classification.

Ladies and Gentlemen Mr. George Gobel

Sadly the sound lags behind the video, which you can fix by not watching, and then you’ll miss the ads some cretin added to this piece. Youtube, what are you going to do? They’ll let anyone try to make a buck off of someone else’s creativity. Anyway, hang in there it’s worth it. Especially part 2. Don’t you just hate that “part two…contined next week, shit?”