Weird Times

may you live in interesting times.

Supreme Court, a Bunch of Pussies

I grew up being taught that the United States was “all about” freedom and equality. What a bunch of lies. And that was from the “liberal” educational system in this country. You know, the public schools where people are low paid and have no respect. But, hey, I believed it and I still think we could be that country. You know, a “beacon of hope” for the rest of the world? A place where human beings are valued equality no matter the race, creed, or sexual orientation.

The Biggest Scandal in US History

Recent polling indicates that 41% of Republicans believe “Benghazi” to be the biggest scandal in United States History. Of course, 39% of those Republicans don’t know what country Benghazi is in. Not surprizing since 20% of United States citizens can’t point to the United States on a world map.

We’re Fucking Marines

(This one is for my brother Norm. Semper Fi, my brother.)

An image of the United States President with an umbrellas held over his head

“So if you really think this is just about politics and that the current president’s skin color has nothing the fuck to do with anything, then read this from a marine writing about marines who hold umbrellas for the Commander in Cheif.

Oh for Fuck’s Sake

Jesus Christ, as if we’re not stupid enough already…McDonald’s has decided to appreciate teachers by giving them a free burrito if they buy one at Chipotle. It’s not like, you know, teachers are helping McDonald’s out by educating people well enough to fucking sell French Fries; they ought to just give every teacher a free meal. But, no, in true Amerian Style they require the teacher to buy at least one burrito or one burriot bowl at their “Mexican” whatever called Chipotle. Ain’t that fucking special?